Fingertrick Release “Thin Ice”

Nothing tricky about it, Fingertrick is breakin’ through with their latest single “Thin Ice”. This song slides along at a consistently comfortable pace with Fingertrick giving a record-shattering performance on “Thin Ice”. This track is featured on the band’s album titled ‘If Requiems Were Record Deals’ and showcases a young & hungry trio from Memphis looking to rejuvenate the entire music scene.

Fingertrick is made up of: Patrick on bass, Chris on lead vocals & guitar and Alessio on drums. Together, this lively bunch has generated a style of sound that is ridiculously fresh without any cracks or voids on “Thin Ice”. I’m picking up on elements of rock ‘n’ pop where Fingertrick certainly has a snappy beat complete with infectious hooks. “Thin Ice” contains catchy rhythms & melodies along with radical riffs that will have your eardrums doing somersaults! I would have to say that this new single by Fingertrick is radio-friendly because it just has that fan-friendly vibe in place. Written as a power ballad, “Thin Ice” delivers on ALL levels!


Fingtrick is not afraid to “Break On Through (To The Other Side), The Doors” and reach for the Top on “Thin Ice”. The band’s liveliness can be heard loud & clear on this track as Patrick, Chris and Alessio are not messin’ around. They came to play, they came to rock the crowd…”Thin Ice” or not! I look forward to hearing more from Fingertrick in the near future because the group has a likability factor and mass appeal that can’t be denied. I feel Fingertrick is just scratching the surface with “Thin Ice” and so I can’t wait to take in the full album, ‘If Requiems Were Record Deals’. Calling all radio stations, time to chill out and take a spin over “Thin Ice”!

By Jimmy Rae