Katy Vernon Releases “In Your Shoes (For Daisy)”

Katy Vernon is a true songbird coming to light on this latest single, “In Your Shoes (For Daisy)”. This new song is featured on her album, ‘Suit Of Hearts’ and is a real gem of a tune. The track is actually inspired by Daisy Vanderwood’s Mother’s Day card to Katy several years ago. With plenty of heartfelt meaning in place on “In Your Shoes (For Daisy)”, Katy Vernon is definitely putting her best foot forward.

Katy Vernon was born and raised in London, UK, but is a current resident of Minnesota establishing herself as a pure singer/songwriter. With elements of Pop, folk and Americana, Katy Vernon and her backing band produce a sound that is refreshing to say the least. Katy Vernon is referred to as the “Ukulele Songbird—Singer of Sad Songs on a happy instrument!!” I see “Sad” in that tagline describing Katy’s music but what I hear on “In Your Shoes (For Daisy)” is just a big, bright & beautiful sound being projected out to the listener. The song has such a pleasing melody and such a flavorful dose of sound hitting me. Katy sings from the heart about her personal issues and difficult times, but the end result is just a thing of sheer beauty, style & grace. Katy Vernon and all musicians on this recording are hitting all the right notes and musical chords.

Katy Vernon has appeared in countless music festivals in the Midwest and UK and averages about 50 shows a year. This hard-working woman also finds time to put on an annual Ukulele Fest to help raise money for charity. This dedicated songstress from “The Land of 10,000 Lakes” offers such a promising and vibrant flow on “In Your Shoes (For Daisy)” that should be streaming everywhere. Be on the lookout for this “Ukulele Songbird” as she sings her way into your hearts.


By Jimmy Rae