New Release from Austin French “Why God” On Fair Trade Services

As an opener for Casting Crowns on their Only Jesus tour, Austin performed in front of nearly 200,000 people in 37 cities across the US this spring. Following his Top 10 debut single “Freedom Hymn” and his Top 15 National Christian Audience follow up “Born Again,” Fair Trade and Austin French are proud to present “Why God” – impacting June 28!

“Why God” came out of a season in my life I was on my knees screaming out those words for myself and I remember feeling like it wasn’t allowed or like it made me a bad Christian. But God taught me something through my 3-year-old little boy who is in the “why daddy?” stage. He asks me all these questions about anything and everything and he doesn’t always get my answers but what he does get is that he can sit in his daddy’s lap and ask me anything. I want every single question and I’ll love him no matter what. So why do we treat God like he doesn’t want our questions? I believe that asking “why God?” doesn’t make us a bad Christian, maybe it just makes us a kid who needs our dad and that’s okay. I wrote this song to remind you and to remind myself that the “why God?” season in your life and in my life is exactly why we need God in our life right here and right now. I pray this song gives you permission to feel that and to bring those questions that you’ve been scared to ask to the God who’s not scared of anything. He loves you, even in the “Why God.”

– Austin French