John Vento is a Pittsburgh – stationed artist who is referred to as a Chameleon in the music scene due to the inability of being placed in a specific musical genre. Vento who says he started his musical career late has not gotten to the peak of his career. Vento who spent time as the frontman of energetic and rock rolling band like The Businessmen and Neid’s Hotel made his mark in the music industry with his solo career. Vento is a unique artist that is clearly not out for conformity to any particular identity; the one he created for himself has made him stand out, bringing him nothing but buzz and success.

Humble Way is the tenth song in Vento’s Love, Lust & Other Wreckage collection; a song that wouldn’t quite qualify as pure country/rock, but like Vento’s unique style remains difficult to place in any category. Vento’s newest album which has thirteen original tracks that captures his contemplative and straightforward attitude invites fans and lovers of rock n’ roll into his unique sound without a bit of inhibition.

Humble Way is a song full of fun and energy and holds a personal meaning to John with his favorite lyrics line been …’ My arrogance had laid me low, it’s so rich the taste of crow.’ Vento outdid himself in this song with the execution of surreal melodies, iconic rhythms, and classical strings.

Rainbows & Lightning precede humble Way in the album, and it’s a song that awakens the primal side inside of you. It’s a song that easily captivates listeners and wants to make you recline into your seat while you relax and enjoy the song after a hard day. With the new release of the video for “Humble Way” by Vento and Berthold Luable – he’s considered an emerging artist by Billboard Magazine.

The song begins with an intro that has so much pickup lines and doesn’t need a chorus or a bridge to capture the listener’s attention. If you have been following Vento’s musical career over the years, you would know he doesn’t cut corners or go halfway in delivering his unique blend of music.

Humble Way is one of those songs that has its melodies engrained within the acoustic guitars that triggers different emotions and takes on a life of its own; with great lines that would linger in your thought for a very long time.