“Endless” the new single from Still G & Slapy

We’re no more than a couple of seconds into “Endless,” the new single from Still G & Slapy, and the chills are already running rampant via the undercurrent of melodic notes flooding the background. Without warning, an elegant vocal harmony enters the frame, and starts to illustrate a gorgeous opening verse that will set the tone for everything soon to follow. “Endless,” as its name implies, is the type of rap song that we always want to play on repeat, not necessarily because of the lyrical statements that it makes, but because of the cathartic mood that it induces upon every single spin that we afford it. This is undisputed primetime hip-hop, and it’s coming from one of the best collaborative duos around.

The first stanza is all about pacing. We get into the words slowly, and increase the aggression as we move forward. The tempo never shifts from its initial trajectory, but it gains so much more texture as we press on. By the time that the chorus is but seconds away, there’s nothing separating Still G & Slapy from the listeners, as the master mix has cleared out so much room up front that it’s almost as if we’re experiencing an intimate live concert instead of simply listening to a studio track from the comforts of our own living room (or perhaps more accurately, the middle of a crowded dance floor somewhere). The adrenaline is pumping as fast as our hearts are now, and turning back is simply not an option.

This chorus comes swaying into focus without any bombast or overwhelming camp, which instantly makes it so much sleeker and more effervescent than anything that Still G & Slapy’s rival crews on the American side of the pond have been submitting lately. The hook is larger than life, but we never feel smothered by the synthesizers driving it. The only thing that we’re overcome by here is the essence of the pair’s relaxed vibes, which transport us from wherever we might be standing at the moment to the sunny coastline of Italy, where hip-hop is still appreciated not only for its financial lucrativeness, but moreover for its cultural significance and its unique ability to bridge the social gap between one group of people and another.

“Endless” concludes in an instrumental tizzy that borrows slightly from Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mac,” but not to such an extent that the fireworks feel unoriginal in the slightest. Still G & Slapy are still finding their footing in the international rap lexicon, but I’ve got a gut feeling that this single is going to go a long way towards establishing their moniker as among the most respected and reliable in the business right now. They’ve got a couple of rough edges that could be smoothed out a little in future releases, but there’s no debating that these two have got the moxie, the mentality and the melodicism necessary to take their work all the way to the top. 2020 isn’t that far away, and these guys clearly have their eyes set on making a big impression before it arrives.

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Gwen Waggoner

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