FITZSIMON AND BROGAN (FAB) New Single ‘This Is Love’

There’s a subtle but beautiful elegance in the music of Fitzsimon and Brogan (FAB), which sometimes takes their authentic tunes to unexpected places while remaining firmly in the wheelhouse of their chosen genre.

Their track, “This Is Love,” is a poignant song in which the duo guides the listener through an enjoyable journey of love.

The lead singer (Bee Brogan) blends effortlessly with the playfully riveting melodies and amazing instrumental arrangement.

Most notable for me was the undertone of colorfully placed keys, I have always felt a great set of keys can ultimately make or break a track and in this case it definitely makes the track; couple that with the slightly metallic sounding guitars and you’ve got something special.

This is just a pop song – it’s “the” type of pop song we’ve been waiting to witness for some time.