Across The Board Release ‘Wild Ones’

There’s music and then there’s music; sounds that make your day better, soundtracks that turn to life changing records and the artists that make those soundtracks, are the epitome of vulnerable beauty. “Wild Ones,” by Across the Board is the definitive of greatness.

The soundscape is not only a fresh and superbly performed track, it’s also beautifully sophisticated and that’s what makes the track stand out. The score is filled with complex production, it’s rueful tone evokes emotion, and just when you think you’ve found the pattern the track rivets into more complexity; couple that with lovely and obviously heartfelt vocals and you have the ingredients for a winning new sound.

It’s a guitar driven masterpiece; orchestrated beautifully – powerfully done with strong melodies and classically rockin’ riffs. I really like this track, it’s full of everything you need in a modern rock classic, it’s a talent driven piece and deserves to be heard by the masses.