Music Festival Mash-up: 4 Amenities to Have On-hand for Your Guests

When planning any massive event, you need to be prepared to accommodate the guests in their needs. This is especially important for musical festivals. Normally done outdoors, you need to make sure that all of the amenities of indoors are brought out to them to allow the party to last as long as the music plays. The following are four amenities that must be provided to ensure that your guests will be sticking around throughout the full duration of the festival.

Adequate Seating
An outdoor music festival can be a great place to see familiar faces and enjoy the music being played. It is important to have adequate seating to make everyone feel comfortable while they are enjoying the entertainment. People will inevitably want to sit down as opposed to standing up for the whole weekend. Renting metal chairs and constructing wooden benches can both work as options to provide enough seating options to accommodate a larger than average crowd of attendees. Festival-goers love the rustic feel, so driftwood logs and even overturned, empty barrels can at both seating and atmosphere to your event if you have access to them.

Providing Food Options
No outdoor music festival would be complete without food and beverages for your guests. You will need to consider that the food options being provided should appeal to both children and adults. Therefore, it is often easiest to farm this part out to local restaurants and catering companies. This will make various staple food and beverage options available to those in attendance, and it also makes it possible for your guests to have access to less standard food options as well. This way there is a little something for everyone when hunger strikes.

Bathroom Facilities
It goes without saying that large crowds of people can generate a lot of need for using the bathroom. With food and drink abounding, you’re going to want to make sure that there are readily-available spaces for them to do so. When it comes to outdoor gatherings, this is where Afford A Potty can help to provide your guests with a vast number of options for relieving themselves during the big event. Addressing this need is an essential component for ensuring that your guests stay for the duration of the music festival.

It is important for people attending your music festival to stay well hydrated. This is especially true if it is an event being carried out during the summer months. For this reason, you will want to make certain that those attending the event have access to plenty of water. Having free water refill stations, to cut down on plastic bottles, and volunteers who help keep people hydrated will be an essential part of making certain your guests remain in good health during the music festival.

A music festival is a fantastic way to engage a community and support local talent. However, like any event, it must be carefully planned for if it’s going to be a success. Make sure to consider the needs of your guests, starting with these four basic amenities, before you start passing out the fliers to your next big music festival.