A Victim Of A Traumatic Attack, ‘H’ Humphrey Is Back With His Revenge Track

‘What Goes Around’ is the first solo release from MASK frontman and guitarist, ‘H’ Humphrey, and is based on events more befitting Line of Duty than a new single release. Humphrey was the victim of an unprovoked attack outside a nightclub which left him with broken ribs, a fractured eye-socket and a mouth injury that made him question whether he’d ever sing again. Battered, bruised and with lacerations to his mouth held together by stitches, even eating was a formidable task. Thankfully, not only has he fully recovered, the incident inspired this track, his upbeat message to his assailants that karma is just over their shoulder.

One of Northern Ireland’s hottest new acts of 2018, MASK are still very much a going concern but Humphrey’s debut points to an even stronger influence from the music of the 60s. With a tumbling, slightly ominous beat and immediately catchy melody which recalls The Turtles’ ‘Elenore’ and The Kinks’ ‘Who’ll Be Next in Line’, as well as contemporary acts like Arctic Monkeys and The Raconteurs, ‘What Goes Around’ is a track for anyone who has been on the wrong side of others’ actions but is determined to emerge the better person.