Tips on Writing a Music Analysis Essay

One might be able to separate good music from a bad one by listening to both. But ask the same individual to write a music essay, and you may be shocked at the outcome or reply you might receive. The thing is music is like poetry, so diverse and thus, can be a bit challenging to analyze.

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But the best part is that one doesn’t need to be an expert in music to write a top-notch music analysis essay. It all depends on how much you are willing to learn and the guidance you have.

In this post, we shall discuss tips on how you can analysis a song with ease.

1. Listen to the song repeatedly

The reason you should listen to the song repeatedly is to make it part and parcel of you. It will even get to a point where you will start mimicking the singer and say every single word in the song. But it would be best to find a quiet environment to avoid distraction. You need to be able to connect to the song so that you can draft a thorough analysis.

As you listen to the song, write down how it makes you feel and write. Now, move ahead to share the feeling and message you got from the song.

Other things you need to consider when listening to the song are:

– Rhythm of the song
– Changes in the rhythm of the song
– The different parts of the song
– Instruments combined and used in the song

2. Check the lyrics of the song

To write a detailed analysis of a song, try to print out the lyrics from the internet or any platform. Once you have the lyrics, scrutinize it properly to be familiar with every word used by the singer. Is he or she trying to project frustration over a relationship issue or political situation in the country or other parts of the world? Figure out how the lyrics where sourced and the motivation behind the song.

3. Acknowledge the technical details

Well, this should be among the first things to do when analyzing a song. You need to note down the technical information of the song. Find out more about the composer, his or her history and style of music. Other technical details include the genre and style of music, duraton, country and year the song was composed.

4. Write the paper

Once you can figure out the necessary information about the music, you can start writing your essay. You can follow the typical pattern of essay writing which includes the creation of an outline, writing your draft, proofreading the paper and conclusion.


Music analysis essays are a bit technical and challenging to write. But if you know the right steps to take and have proper guidance, you can create a quality piece in no time. However, the steps above are simple ways you can draft your music analysis paper or analyze any song. So, if you have a similar assignment, use the tips on this post to get your task done.