WhatsApp & Instagram Dangers for Kids

Social media plays a significant role in the lives of post millennial teens and tweens. These socializing platforms introduce and connect them with people across the world; boost their self-confidence and enhance their learning. However, the social media also holds several dangers for younger children. The unsupervised and excessive use of social networking platforms may expose kids to the risks of bullying, child molestation, sexting, pornography and many other online crimes.

Parents are responsible to protect their children from these dangers. In this article, we have discussed the potential dangers of photo-sharing platform Instagram and instant messenger WhatsApp. Read on to learn about these vulnerabilities and how you can protect your kids from these endangerments.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is currently the most popular and widely used instant messenger around the world. It allows users to exchange text messages, photos, videos, stickers, emoticons, GPS location, voice recordings and much more. It also offers voice and video calling to individuals and groups. Anyone can sign up to the instant messenger without any age restriction or any other filtration.

The application only requires an authentic mobile phone number to verify your WhatsApp account. After activation, the messenger syncs the contact list and allows communicating with contacts already using instant messenger. Anyone having your mobile phone number can find you on WhatsApp instant messages.

This enhances the probabilities of receiving annoying messages from unwanted contacts. If you intend to learn further about this, you can download WhatsApp hacking app. The features of this app will let you know the details.


Instagram is the most popular photo and video sharing platform that is being used by millions of people worldwide. The application allows sharing your photos and videos with your online fellows who can make comments and share these posts. The application is intended for those above the age of 17 but it is being used by many underage children.

Dangers of Instagram & WhatsApp Messenger

The social networking platforms hold several dangers and WhatsApp and Instagram are not different. These social media apps have caused our teens and tweens to suffer from depression, anxiety and several physical, mental and psychological health issues. Read on to know about the most common WhatsApp and Instagram dangers for kids.

Cyber bullying

The bullying is the most common online danger that has influenced millions of people. Instagram is the major platform that facilitates bullies who make humiliating comments on photos and videos posted by the target. The spy on WhatsApp messenger allows harassers to send threatening messages to the victim.

Online Child Predation

The child predation is the most dangerous online crime effecting teens and tweens between the age of 12 and 17. The predators trap younger boys and girls and sexually exploit them. Most of the predators exploit children to produce videos relating to child pornography. Many victims of online child predation have committed suicide while many other have been suffering from other psychological issues.


Sexting is the new trend being promoted among teen boys and girls. The younger children use WhatsApp messenger and many other instant messaging apps to exchange sexually explicit photos and videos with their romantic fellows.


The cat-fishers or impersonators are social media users with fake identities. They provide inaccurate information to trap others. There are number of Instagrammers who cheat targets with false identities.


The social networking platforms trigger different type of psychological disorders among teens with social media obsession. The platforms like Instagram encourage users to post every moment of their life on the internet. The teen girls and boys keep uploading their photos and videos on the social media site to get admiration.

How to Monitor WhatsApp & Instagram

Parents can protect their children from the dangers of the social media sites such as Instagram and WhatsApp. There is social media monitoring app that enables parents to supervise the online behavior of their children. Once you install the app on the mobile phone of your kid, you can track every single activity performed on the social media and online platforms.

The cell phone tracking app of TheOneSpy allows parents to protect their children from the online dangers of bullying, sexting, scamming and child predation. Using the spy app, you can track WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Line, IMO, Vine, Viber, Tinder, Telegram, Tumblr, Hike, Hangout and many other social messengers. Parents can track chats, phone calls and media files of their children to detect any objectionable activity.