“Don’t be fooled by the of-the-moment pop sound: The 24-year-old singer’s debut album is the showcase for a refreshingly original perspective….High Highs to Low Lows…is compelling in its movement between sultry, charismatic bops and moody, melancholy slow-burners….each song a vehicle for a different part-sensual, depressed, cocky, homesick, in love-of the same whole.” – PITCHFORK

High Highs to Low Lows was co-produced by Lolo with her chief collaborator Stelios, the man behind most of Lolo’s releases to date as well as the recent Young Thug and Elton John collaboration “High.” The 12-song debut features stand out singles “High Highs to Lows Lows” and “Ride,” an empowering pop-R&B anthem. With this debut release, it’s obvious that this is just the start for Lolo Zouaï’s rise to global stardom. Watch for more Lolo news soon!