Golden sound, brilliant intensity, sheer romance – the thrill of the Italian tenor voice is back on From Now On, the ninth album of tenor Jonathan Cilia Faro, to be distributed by BFD / Sony Orchard on April 26.

A fiery passion flows through the whole of Jonathan Cilia Faro’s impeccable “From Now On”. Effortlessly blending the operatic with infectious poppy hooks, the whole of the sound has a spacious, stately sound. With a true ear for melody Jonathan Cilia Faro offers a stunning look at one potential future for pop music, one far more thoughtful and possessing such grace. Instrumentally rich the songs draw liberally from classical music, soundtrack work, and a hint of rock further lending the songs a great sense of immersion. By far the highlight of the album comes from Jonathan Cilia Faro’s commanding voice that at times seems to soar up into the heavens.

Elegant string introduces the album and set the tone on “Il Cuore Naviga”. Percussion grows and grows until it becomes fully overwhelming. On “Passione” the album hits an early highlight. With an arrangement that recalls the creativity of Jean-Claude Vannier, the whole piece has a sweeping symphonic quality. Small flourishes define the meditative quality of “Giramondo”. Things get stripped down further on “Sorprenderti” for the multiple layers of sound feel so surreal. Lilting strings come into the fray on the gentle “Per Sempre”. With a slow burning intensity is the massive stately bliss of “Meravigliosamente”. Beats hit hard on the electronic elements of the ornate “Una Vecchia Amica”. Perfectly closing everything off on a high note is the soothing “I Love How You Love Me”.

Jonathan Cilia Faro sculpts a gorgeous colorful world on the extremely emotionally moving “From Now On”.