The best brand values that social media can help you display

Did you know that you can use your social media activity to display favorable brand values that could increase your standing with your followers? It could be a great platform to exercise values such as integrity and strategic thinking, which could express your commitment to providing high quality and consumer-based products and services.

But why should you consider using social media? The platform is free to join, even though it may offer paid advertising features. Unlike traditional avenues of marketing, the platform is generally inexpensive but has a significantly larger impact in terms of brand awareness and growth. You could improve your brand’s presence even in obscure parts of the world where other marketing ploys could be unable to reach. Billy Gene offers courses for your marketing campaign to help promote your business and turn clicks into customers. Social media features over 3.7 billion active monthly users, with most able to access their social accounts through mobile smart phones.

It is also a very lucrative avenue for brands thanks to the high level of interest in brand activity. 80% of social media users on certain platforms follow at least one brand. This could extend to 95% in some demographics on these platforms as well. The figures suggest that there could be value in going online. But what brand values can you display through your social media activity?


With the level of information available online, any falsehood will be costly in the long term if not immediately. A brand that consistently provides truthful information, even when it has the potential to affect user perception will come off as honest, and could go a long way into building great relationships with followers, who may be potential clients.


Does your brand match up to its expectations? Many brands fail to meet user expectations because they oversell the quality of their products and services. Clients will be disappointed and may generate negative press, such as by registering negative comments and queries on various social media platforms. If you do not already demonstrate integrity by offering legitimate and credible information about your products and services without any misrepresentation, you can build it by offering solutions to any problems and owning up when your brand is in the wrong.

Forward thinking

How strategic is your brand? You need to express forward thought to keep your current followers’ interest in your range of products and services. If followers feel you are lagging behind the competition, they could trade their loyalty for innovation, which may affect your ability to grow as a brand. You can engage clients to find out about their experience with your brand, and incorporate any viable suggestions to improve. You can consider using paid advertisement options to reach even more followers with this type of content since it is very attractive to potential clients as well.


Your brand’s impact outside social media, particularly through community outreach efforts can be leveraged for massive amounts of clout online. Many brands engage in community activity without having it significantly impact their ability to grow. If you are on social media, sharing your community improvement efforts could help portray positive brand values that will work to attract followers. Your role in the community could even have a significant impact offline.

Problem solving

Your responses to potential client concerns could work to help your brand build a trustworthy image or impact user confidence in the quality of your products and services. Your followers and other internet users may contact your brand to seek help or report concerns over your products or services. If your responses are delayed, selective and standard, you may lose follower trust. If you take up a problem solving approach, such as by looking to provide relevant help, you may be able to attract even more followers and develop a loyal following with your current clients.


Having a coordinated social media team could enhance users’ perception of your brand in regards to teamwork. You can facilitate some personalization by allowing your social administrators to add their initials after posts to enable users differentiate between members of your team. Over time, different personalities will attract their own following, which could prove cumulatively beneficial. You can also enhance your brand’s sense of teamwork by presenting other departments in action as well.

How to grow quickly on social media

Is there a standard route to helping you grow your band on social media? There are different approaches that could help you attract followers to your brand, but all involve around careful execution of an effective social media strategy and the use of a number of social media best practices. “These are a few recommended practices that you should embrace.

Using paid ads

Gaining traction on social media is just too difficult without a supporting strategy such as using the range of targeting options available. Some of the time, your social media activity will have little or no impact. It could be an ineffective way to grow your brand. If you take up paid ads, you could grow your brand quicker. For instance, auto followers for Instagram will reduce your efforts on the platform to generate follows and increase your brand awareness quickly.

Using influencers

Influencer’s are paid social media users who have a large following, or who may generate a large impact when pushing your brand. They are not necessarily affiliated with your brand and could be hired for a single job or on retainer. You should choose your influencers very carefully to avoid negatively impacting your brand. Just like paid ads, they can be great inexpensive options to generate interest in your brand.

Following your followers

Do you know what your clients are interested in? Are you incorporating their preferences into your next product? Following your followers can be a great way to find sufficient information about their needs, which can provide a competitive edge for your brand over others within your field. You may keep track of a few followers’ social activity, use keyword-focused searches, provide interactive questionnaires and engage with them more often to find out.

Making it personal

Social media is a very attractive platform because it offers personal selling, which may be leveraged for better brand performance. With your social media followers using the platform to interact with your brand for a variety of services, engaging in personal selling could help you increase trust levels. You need to create a platform for personalized interaction to benefit your brand.