New Video Out Now By A B01 “Copper Nebulas”

Haunted music isn’t a widespread term or a style of music that plays on the radio- yet. Haunted music has a beautiful thought-provoking sound with creeping eeriness enhanced by the arrangement of distant piano, synthesizers, drum loops, treated vocals, and echoes everywhere. TaSzlin Muerte, aka A BOI, can be most recognized from Austin’s resolute trio, BLXPLTN. This latest project allows Tasz to show off his social justice voice in a sinister personal way.

A BOI’s obsessions parallel a twisted vision. In the video for “Copper Nebulas,” director Ben Snyder takes us on a visual journey. Beginning in the woods and ending with a ritualistic dance around a fire, A BOI portrays his altered view on life. Witches cast spells and hypnotize a young woman, and then are seen attacking a man in hiding. The lyrics long for a missing person that no longer exists in the narrator’s life. As he sings, “Can’t break apart / Tell me where we at,” the absent person still troubles his mind. Prevalent themes in the video include lust, sex, manipulation, and control, possibly giving insight into the personality of this mysterious missing person.