‘Existential Frontiers’ By White Owl Red

White Owl Red mixes a rustic form of Americana with the shaggy dog style of Modest Mouse’s early honest output on “Existential Frontiers”. Thoughtful lyricism goes for self-reflection while White Owl Red takes their take. Instrumentally rich the entirety of the album has a lived-in, loved quality to it. From banjo to guitar with a folksy celebratory demeanor the songs have a gorgeous sweeping style to them. A hard-earned optimism peeks out of most of the songs for the vocals have warm, inviting quality to them.

Setting the tone, the title track “Existential Frontiers” goes for wide open spaces and a meditative presence. By opening the album with such swagger White Owl Red exude a sense of confidence. Akin to a lullaby the tenderness of “Breaking Away” possesses such heart. “I’m a Saint” recalls Beck’s early anti-folk work, specifically “One Foot In The Grave” playfulness. Things are stripped down for a feeling of pure intimacy on “Love Her Still”. Like a long-lost dream, “See through Me” opts for a highly romantic quality. The rhythm goes for broke on the poignant take of “Union Fight Song”, an anthem for the little guy. Just the right western twang rolls through on the peaceful “Star-Crossed Lover”. Perfectly bringing it to a close is the bluesy quality of “Wishing you well” which is full of pure unfiltered friendship.

Done with the greatest level of care and compassion, White Owl Red delves into a colorful realm that bursts with such vibrant stories on the soothing “Existential Frontiers”.