New Video By Laprice – “Party Tonight”

Electronic vibes sizzle across the sound spectrum and accompany a highly engaging and rapid drum beat. It’s a song full of vitality and sensual vibes which is sure to have all hips rotating within listening distance.

About The Video Shoot: The shoot was full of energy and the music bouncing off the walls of the studio. It was a small set and we kept it very simple to keep distractions at a minimum. The dancers were very excited to be a part of this production and believe it or not, we came up with the routines on the spot! talk about professionalism, just kidding. I have a background in dance and theater so it was easy for the dancers to pick up on what I wanted from them. The director was blown away
as to what the result was.

“This Ep will consist of about six songs give or take and was finished about a year ago so we were very excited to see our vision become to fruition. There is nothing like having a dream and making it a reality. I hope that everyone enjoys this product and know that this is just the first of many more to come, so if you like this you’ll be in for a treat! dance your worries away and stay tuned because the best is yet to come.” – Laprice