The True Options for the Proper Corporate Gifts

Offering corporate gifts is not always an easy task. In addition to day-to-day knowledge of employees, there must be creativity to offer something that is charming and linked to the context of the professional in the company.

To make this task less stressful and challenging, plan ahead for the activity, research and talk with those involved and make numerous budgets in order to choose the most cost-effective.

Toasts are always guaranteed to succeed. The cheap corporate gifts are generally useful to the work environment and, moreover, are a way of fixing the company in the memory of the gifts.

For this, the virtual store is a great option. The company, focused on promotional marketing , offers many options for personalized corporate gifts. We’ve listed seven of them that can serve as ideal gifts to company employees. Check out!

Coffee Mugs

Presenting employees with mugs can be a good option. With the products, employees will get out of their places less often to pick up drinks and still carry a brand name product.

If it is not possible to customize the mug for each worker, you can bet on the differentiation by sector. A simple writing with the name of the department can be quite fun and innovative. Mugs are useful and functional gifts to employees, in addition to benefiting the company image. You can also go for the customised water bottle also.

Business Notebooks

Like diaries and notebooks, business notebooks are useful for the day-to-day running of the employee. They can serve for personal notes and also for possible visits to clients and partners.


Even with the growth of platforms and file storage applications in the cloud, the pendrives are still functional objects for daily life.

If the intention is to include the brand logo on the product, look for a reliable supplier for the purchase of gifts. The Prospec virtual store has some options.


Choosing backpacks to gift employees is a guarantee of success, after all, it is a gift that allows use in both spaces: personal and professional.

But be careful not to choose bad material products. This can discredit all the action and, in a way, the image of the company.

Oral Hygiene Kit

Cases and necessaires are very useful to the day to day of the collaborator. With them, you can organize a small oral hygiene kit.

The kit may contain, in addition to the kit or necessaire:

  • toothpaste
  • floss
  • toothbrush
  • miniskirt
  • toothbrush holder
  • mouthwash (if you prefer)

BBQ kit

Before choosing the barbecue kit as a corporate gift, make a survey and see if there is context for it. If the company is sympathetic to vegetarian or vegan causes, this, of course, will not fit the place. The same goes for employees who do not eat meat.

The ideal is to do a survey of how many are fans of the barbecue and how many are opposed. Offer the barbecue kit to meat lovers, and choose another product to those who are not.