How Do You Choose the Right Flower Girl Dress?

Just like finding the right prom dress for your big day is hectic, so is getting the appropriate dress for your flower girl. If you are a person of class and fashion, you will want your flower girl to be in one of the classic fashions that will leave some memories in the hearts of your guests. That means, when you start doing research for your dress, you should also start research for hers. This will save you from the last minute rush.

Coming up with the right flower girl dress either for a toddler or a young girl can be simple if only you can put into consideration some few factors. So what should you consider in order to land into your perfect dress for your flower girl? Let’s get started.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing this Dress

Before you proceed to your shopping outlet and other bridal shops consider the following:

The size of the dress

There are various toddler flower girl dresses that you can choose from depending on how big or small your girls are. Depending on the occasion, you may choose either a long or a short dress for your girl. So by knowing the size you want you can easily land to your choice faster.

The age of the girl

This is a great determinant in helping you get the right choice of your flower girl dress. However, you should incorporate this with her body size because some girls are bigger than their age. But it is a factor that you should never ignore.

The style

You definitely have a certain style that you want to dominate in your wedding ceremony. It can be a mermaid or a princess dress, this is the same style you are going to use to dress your flower girl. However, you can make hers exceptional to steal the show as you will.

The fabric

The material used in making that toddler flower girl dress is very crucial. You don’t want to dress her in a dress she will keep on scratching herself because it is itching. Remember, she is in front of the guests; so make her dress be in soft and comfortable fabric.

The price

Some flower girl dresses can be costly especially the ones made from natural fibers like silk and cotton compared to those made from polyester. You can always go shopping before the season hits to avoid price hiking. Do some online research to have the cheapest outlet.

The color

This is a major factor that you need to check out. Remember you are to match it with either your theme colors or your gown. You can decide to mix various colors or to make it plain. After all, it’s your day.


A great outcome for your wedding heavily relies on your preferences and committee if you will have one. However, one of the things that will be visible to everyone is your flower girl, that’s why you need to choose her dress carefully. The above factors can help you out.