Hear “Y U” off Warm Human’s debut album

Warm Human, the solo “sludge pop” project of Meredith Johnston, is a combination of feelings, alone time and sine waves. Bridging the gap between diary rock and synth pop, Warm Human, uses fuzzy drones, ambient textures and pressurized 808’s to accentuate the desperation of being a living breathing person. Her mixtape, Worm Human, is streamable on all things streaming, and her debut LP, Ghastly, will be released March 8th, 2019.

“Her upcoming album, Ghastly, tells deeply personal stories through a melange of synths, vocal processing and brilliant pop arrangements. As a producer, composer and lyricist, Meredith infuses feeling into each bit of the albums DNA. She tells her side of the story with a balance of ferocity and compassion, that is at times both uniquely funny and absolutely heartbreaking. Ghastly will, no pun intended, haunt you well after it’s last track.” – Dan Derks, Sound + Process podcast