Allison & Moon Celebrate Love in New Single “Puppy Love”

Boston-based power pop punk trio Allison & Moon have released a new single, titled “Puppy Love,” out on all digital platforms NOW. A sweet proclamation of affection, “Puppy Love” is an energetic combination of power pop and pop punk influences. Produced by Chris Curran at Reclaim Studios, the single successfully blends together soft, expressive verses and a powerhouse, explosive chorus to create an early 2000s, nostalgic sound, as well as a sweet Valentine’s Day surprise. About the single, lead vocalist Allison states:

“I wrote Puppy Love about the feeling of falling in love with someone and being too darn nervous to say it! My now-girlfriend actually asked me, ‘do you think dogs fall in love’ on my birthday a couple of months into dating while we were driving home. So, I took that spark and expanded the idea. I like this song because it feels exciting with highs and lows. The music mirrors the emotion.”