New Video By B.Lansky ft Vado “The Hold Up”

When you combine authentic music abilities with original track compositions that is when you get B.Lansky. It is his love for music that motivates him to create tracks like ‘The Hold Up’. Growing up in the United States, he is quite familiar with the kind of music that attracts the audience. He made sure that his newest release ‘The Hold Up’ is the perfect mood maker for any party. It is the kind of track you enjoy with friends while relaxing. He has his own production house known as BLF ENTERTAINMENT.


B.Lansky though originally from the USA is living in Miami for the time being. Not only does he compose tracks but simultaneously possess a flair for creating videos. His track ‘The Hold Up’ is a powerful and deep cutting endeavour with a level of passionate emotions imbibed into it. The track is all about not pondering and wasting your time but celebrating it making each day count. B.Lansky fuses contemporary hip-hop with the mellow beats of rhythm and sinful melody.