Mark Ambuter release new single “Love Is Everywhere”

Mark Ambuter goes for a soothing, universalist style on the passionate rhythms of “Love Is Everywhere”. Done with the utmost of ease, everything about the track radiates a sense of contentment. The happiness of the lyricism adds to this overall sense of pure togetherness. Possessing a keen ear for melody, Mark lets the entire piece unfold with such precision, ensuring that no moment is overlooked. By choosing such positive, optimistic lyrics the song becomes a celebration of the world. Instrumentally, Mark draws from a wide variety of styles. While the ultimate anchor is pop, he incorporates elements of world music, soul, in a raga-like flourish.

Sitar introduces the piece. The arrangement comes into bloom quite quickly featuring radiant display of color. With such a soothing reassuring chorus the piece feels outright celebratory. Layer upon layer of sound filters into the overall mix ensuring that the whole piece simply rises above in the best possible way. Featuring a gorgeous message, the song reflects upon embracing life and living it to the absolute fullest. By incorporating so many melodies within the gorgeous handclaps further adding to the power of the work. Guitars merge to become one as the piece shifts from focus to focus. At times feeling akin to coming in and out of focus like a kaleidoscope the song simply stuns with its undeniable sense of goodwill.

On “Love Is Everywhere” Mark Ambuter crafts something truly beautiful, a song not only catchy but truly thoughtful.