Noisebody – New EP and shares single “Breakfast Theme”

Noisebody is a jazz synth-driven pop project started by singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Noah Barker. After graduating college in 2011, a 6-song EP titled You Are Here was recorded in Louisville, KY and released under the name “Noise New York”. Upon relocating to Brooklyn in 2012, Barker reformed the band, changed its name and released Noisebody’s first full length Upstream Dreams. Stepping away from the synth rock sound of You Are Here, Upstream Dreams is a bit more focused, sophisticated and chill, characterized by gravelly keys and tight, punchy bass and drums. In 2015 Noisebody was invited to record at the Converse Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn, the outcome of which is Condition. After the release of Condition, Noisebody saw a departure from the traditional band setting.

Having recorded his own music for 12 years at this point, Barker began releasing his own recordings under the Noisebody moniker, the first of which was released in 2017. In the Pouring Sun developed the sounds of previous Noisebody recordings, adding a more personal and stylized touch. The following year, Barker spent 6 months writing in Berlin before he landed back in Louisville, KY. Noisebody is set to release the next self-produced EP Water Cup Collection Committee in early 2019.