The Band of the Hawk & Whoa Vada Release ‘The Mothership Chronicles’

Whoa Baby, buckle up and get ready to navigate through ‘The Mothership Chronicles’ as Whoa Vada & The Band of the Hawk breeze on through to the funky side. The new album contains 9 blazin’ tracks and is produced by Noah Archangel. I had the pleasure of reviewing a project by Noah Archangel & Band of the Hawk exactly one year ago and so I know I’m in store for a supreme rap attack!

The record has an old-school flavor and offers up a little taste of southern hip-hop. With funk-nasty rhythms, The Band of the Hawk & Whoa Vada are guiding this Mothership right into 2019. The relentless MC’s are slaying it from the start and don’t let up on the gas all through ‘The Mothership Chronicles’. Traveling at super-sonic speeds, the listener is getting funky fresh grooves, bangin’ beats and hellacious hooks. The flow is smooth as glass as Whoa Vada & The Band of the Hawk will make you bounce to the break of dawn.

Parliament had the “Mothership Connection” and these rappin’ terrestrials are tappin’ into that space & sound with this 9-track recording. Beam me up Whoa Vada & company and just like the band Styx once said, “Show Me The Way”. All are welcome aboard ‘The Mothership Chronicles’ as The Band of the Hawk & Whoa Vada blast off “Into the Great Wide Open”, (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers). With slick rhymes and cool swag, this record is fly and will fly all the way to the top!

I was pleasantly surprised to hear the main melody from the 80s song “True” by Spandau Ballet on the closing number, “Temporary Truths”. This provided a nice, retro element that brought me back to the movie “Wedding Singer” where actor Steve Buscemi was belting out this throwback jam. Whoa Vada & The Band of the Hawk pulled out all the stops on ‘The Mothership Chronicles’ and that’s “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”…So Help Me God!

By Jimmy Rae (