@skopemag news for january 2, 2019 @ 9 am est

Micropixie Releases New Song “New Year’s Day

With the new year soon upon us, the UK native, formerly Paris-, now San Francisco-based indie/electronic artist Micropixie has released her new track “New Year’s Day”. This follows the recent release of Micropixie’s “New Year’s Day” video, which featured an abbreviated cut of the song. Available for download and on streaming services today, this full-length version of the song is first single from her upcoming album Dark Sight Of The Moon, which will be released in March 2019.

Third Man Records recaps 2018 with official video

Impressive as the above might be, the hits didn’t stop there. Between releasing instant-classic new LPs, cult reissues and newly beloved 7″s to hosting incredible performances, readings, screenings and charity events at their Nashville and Detroit storefronts and so much more, Third Man has a lot to be proud of in 2018. See below for a list of every single thing Third Man Records accomplished this year:

Alexandre Greatly “On Me” New Single!

The Awoodah Begins EP Returns!!

In the early hours of today, Sean Dampte premiered the video for ‘No Be Joke’. When Sean Dampte’s most anticipated EP ‘The Awoodah Begins’ disappeared from all digital stores a few days after it’s initial release date, fans and critics alike tended to agree that the team got this wrong. And with no reasons coming from Sean Dampte’s camp, many felt left out.

VANHA: Second album “Melancholia” of Swedish death/doom unit out via Black Lion Records

Swedish death/doom bringer VANHA’s sophomore album, Melancholia, is available on digipak CD and digitally via Black Lion Records from December 30, 2018.

Italian guitarist Donatella Canepa – ‘Marcia A Oriente’

Donatella Canepa, born in Genova on March 6, 1992, is an Italian guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and composer.

Her career as a soloist began in 2016, after five recording experiences – between albums and EPs – with the bands Coffee Shock, Nomadama, Salto Nel Buio, The Strange Connections and Cantina Club.

Orlando Veterans See Benefits from Virtual Music Program for Therapy

Live Music Tutor Inc. (LMT), a public benefit corporation, and The Orlando Veterans Affairs Community Living Center (Orlando CLC) partnered to provide relief and hope for veterans. The organizations piloted a virtual music lesson program to see how music could help in the healing of veterans. The pilot was an overwhelming success according to feedback for the Orlando CLC administrators and veterans.

Mara Adams, Orlando CLC Administrative Officer, states that, “This is more than just a music lesson, it gives residents something to look forward to as they know twice a week, they have something special they absolutely love to do.”

Anitra Eiland, Orlando CLC Nurse Manager, expresses how much of a transformation has spurred from the music therapy. “Wow, since day one there has been so much growth! I have seen Veterans increase their interaction. They connect by talking about their lessons and what they learn.”

Parrot Dream explores lost connections in the video for “Light Goes (In Mines)”

The video stars Kai Pelton, a co-facilitator of the Trans-Generational Theatre Project (more here), with the song reflecting on challenges within relationships between parent and child, and how often much remains uncommunicated and unresolved in these relationships. In turn, the video explores a range of experiences dealing with grief, loss and the struggles connected to these types of relationships.

Andrew Douglas (RECREATING EDEN) Releases Official Music Video for Cover of Pat Benatar’s “LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD”