DYK’s previous single for “The Procrastinator” took aim at the type that would rather wait until it’s too late before taking the right steps to improve their lot in life. On the new single for “Trashcan” they’ve climbed atop the highest mountain to scream to the masses that the time to act is now. And it’s not just individual rewards they’re talking about, it’s for the good of the entire planet.

Drawing inspirations from electronic, rock, and pop groups from the 80s such as The Police, Rush, Depeche Mode and others, DYK (which stands for Do You Know) started as a production project of writer/producer/drummer JE Zerpa. Knowing that music can be an agent for change, he teamed up with bassist Oscar Fanega to create the core foundation of this prog-infused rock outfit.

Splicing individual performance shots over a varied backdrop of lights, cityscapes and ambient textures, the “Trashcan” video is a full-speed-ahead cry to listeners that this world is not just meant to be treated like a garbage dump. What’s worse is that not only is the world aflame but that so many among us are indifferent about it.

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Special guest vocalist Rudiger gives a new wrinkle to the musical dynamic of DYK. He belts with a Cornell-esque wail and rips off a vocal cadence that perfectly syncs up with the laser precision of Zerpa and Fanega. Not to be overlooked by the video spinning around him, regular DYK vocalist The GHOST still makes his presence known, lurking throughout the video in full crash test dummy outfit, perhaps a subtle suggestion to mankind that they need to brace for impact.