Fabp aka Fabpz The Freelancer Unleashes ‘Classical Rap @TheRealFabp (Explicit)

This is the fourth review this year I’ve done for the tenacious Fabp aka Fabpz The Freelancer and he continues to churn up musical lyrics in the lab with his trusty pen and pad. It’s safe to say that Fabp is going out with a bang for 2018 with the new release titled ‘Classical Rap @TheRealFabp’ as I feel this is Fabpz’s strongest effort yet! The Freelancer has whipped up 11 rock-solid tracks and a short Intro that showcases Fabp following a consistent path while writing up a storm.

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Fabpz The Freelancer is still lurking around within the unrefined, Underground Hip-Hop tunnels and is a relentless artist. Fabp, in association with X-Calade Promotionz, is king of the DIY style giving the listener the rawest recordings that cut right to the bone. Nothing fancy about Fabpz The Freelancer; he’s just an old-school soul with plenty of rhymes to spill and dish out. The beats on this album are just outrageously creative and like nothing I’ve ever heard before. On track four, “Dealing With A Clown”, call someone right away because Fabp is dialing up off-the-hook, ringin’ beats that are no joke. The next number, “Going Nutz”, is exactly that where it’s all just bananas and bouncing off the walls while the song, “Miss Punanny Chung”, has static interference in full effect and there is no tuning it out. Track seven, “Rock Rock On”, sounds like music that could be part of an adventurous video game whereas the following track, “Girl I’m Pursuing” gives you a suspenseful hook that will leave you on the edge of your seat. “Dealing With A Clown (DJ Mix)” serves up a futuristic flow from another dimension that is fresh ‘n’ robotic. I absolutely love how Fabpz The Freelancer ended here with “West Is On Fire” highlighting the mass destruction & devastation wildfires have caused out West. Fabp includes lines like: “A messed up thing, donate to people who need it and bless everybody, help everybody” and this, in turn, inspires the audience to not just listen but to also think and ACT! It’s all about helping others and spreading the Good Word on “West Is On Fire”.

I truly believe that ‘Classical Rap @TheRealFabp’ is the best, overall, out of the four records I’ve heard in 2018. This NYC musician has rapped up the perfect gift for Christmas and one just can’t wait to open this Hip-Hop Box of Goodies. ‘Classical Rap @TheRealFabp’ is the perfect way to end the year and Fabpz The Freelancer is ready to ring in 2019 with a classically cool touch.


By Jimmy Rae (jrae2@att.net)