Crashing Atlas New “Monster” Video Via Washington, DC

Washington D.C.’s Electro Pop/Rock quintet, CRASHING ATLAS has begun work on their second EP-currently untitled. Following the success of their debut ASCEND, which produced the radio single “Savages” that made waves across YouTube, garnering over 800,000 views. The first offering off the follow up is the single “Monster”, which can be described from the band as “our most message filled song to date”. Keeping to their formula of hard driving guitars, powerful leads, and electronic pop influences, the band is in top form with their direction.

“Monster” reflects something that’s inside of everyone whether it’s battling your depression, addiction, self-image, or any demons that might be holding you back from the truest and best version of yourself. It shows a common and relatable battle of self-control during a cocktail party, and the inner chaos faced when dealing with addiction and escapism.