ALL FROM NOTHING Release New EP ‘Eyes To The Stars’

All From Nothing sings with a fiery passion on “Eyes to the Stars”. Done with the utmost of perfection, these songs feel alive. Riffs have an infectious joyous quality to them while they rush through with the utmost of care. By opting for a free-loving, defiant take the pieces rush through in a glorious blur of color. Stylistically they jump around with genres, going from dream pop to indie rock with elements of punk thrown in for good measure. Easily the heart and highlight of the collection comes from the highly emotive lyrics that focus on relationships, love, lust, disappointment and navigating social situations in the best way possible.


Great energy bursts forth on the opener “Space”. Deserving to be absolutely blasted the multifaceted, multilayered approach works wonders. Aptly named “Party Song” has a colossally catchy riff that simply does not quit. Urgency reigns supreme on the intense trip of “Blame Game” where guitars chug along with the strong sense of purpose. The dreamy ode of “Burning Trees” feels pitch-perfect as the song simply soars into the sky. Many elements merge in the gratifying, satisfying scope of “Down On Me” where they show off their uncanny ability to embrace a jerky rhythm with the utmost of ease. Effortlessly bringing it all to a close is the giddy “Jump”.

Done with the greatest of ease, All From Nothing’s “Eyes to the Stars” delves into a big, bright beautiful sound with a fantastic poetic form of storytelling that lingers long after it is over.