New Video By Nuke The Soup “Deeper”

With many years of experience, Maryland pop-rockers Nuke The Soup are here to help us face the realities of war, commercialism, global warming, and mortality, while offering avenues of escape such as surfing (their 2009 debut album was called Make Waves Not War) and other ways to reacquaint oneself with the natural world. A veteran of the music scene, Mark Davison and his bandmates Brian Simms (keyboards), Mike Mennell (bass), Rennie Grant (guitar), Andy Thurston (guitar), and Chester Thompson (drums) are here to show the world that you can spread an important message with your music, while still having fun.

Now, Nuke The Soup have shared “Deeper”, the second single from their latest album of the same name. The songs on Deeper showcase Davison’s songwriting chops, and dive deep in to the torments and joys of mortality without ever getting dark. It’s a catchy and highly listenable album, but with the help or drummer Chester Thompson (Zappa, Genesis), guitarist Gerry Leonard (David Bowie), and producers Kevin Killen (Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush) and Brendan Canty (Fugazi drummer), Deeper is here to make us think.

“Deeper” is a song we all need to hear, a reminder that although the risk could entail paying the ultimate price, the reward lures us deeper… but maybe it’s worth it. For the music video for “Deeper”, Nuke The soup took a cosmic perspective, showing a man in a suit and a TV with various black-and-white and full color footage hurtling through space alongside comets and shooting stars. Director Craig Smith gives some insight on the video: “The man in the grey flannel suit is spinning clockwise to represent he is a clock slave. The eyeball footage on the TV represents introspection of his life. The movies are no longer in the TV to represent freedom and thinking out of the box. The hippies represent freedom. The house blows up representing a break from the monotony of the homogenous 50’s cookie cutter life of conformity. When he blows up the baby pops up as he is reborn into the cosmic void with the psychedelic spirit dancer representing freedom and possibly an object of desire as well as a mother figure and all-round goddess.”