New Release: ‘Suspicious Packages 2’ Produced by Dwayne “Muffla” Simon

Dwayne “Muffla” Simon’s expertise in the music industry stems back to the Golden Age of hip-hop when rap music was on fire and had real substance. Dwayne looks to bring back that old-school flavor and quality that’s been sorely missed and lacking in Today’s version of hip-pop/rap. It is said that “Suspicious Packages 2” could “singlehandedly save the integrity of hip-hop” and that Dwayne & company are “taking a stand against mindless music”. I say Amen to that and Bring It ON…PLEASE!

Dwayne “Muffla” Simon is a Multi-Platinum producer and true pioneer in hip-hop working with heavy hitters such as: LL Cool J, Ice Cube, RUN-DMC while also being one of the founding members of L.A. Posse. Coming out of retirement after 20 years away from the rap game, Simon decided it was time to come back to show these corny cats how it’s done. ‘Suspicious Packages 2’ is a labor of love for “Muffla” and all of the talented acts on the record all representing for Dwayne’s newest production company called Covert Entertainment Soundworks. Dwayne “Muffla” Simon and all of the artists on this project look to deliver the goods with no delays.

The album starts up with that throwback, West Coast rap style on “LA w: THAT OOHLALA” where I can’t help but think of older recordings from the likes of: Dr. Dre, Easy E, Ice Cube and even Snoop Dogg. This West Coast theme carries on throughout the entire record and is a strong presence on ‘Suspicious Packages 2’. The listener will be clapping to the beat, bobbin’ the head and body-swayin’on the tracks “EBT” and “We Singin’”. Take in some hints of smooth R&B on “We Ain’t Goin’ Home” & “This Is What We Do” and then get pounded with a rough, rugged and raw flow on “Bars & Skills”. One will pick up on a bit of street swag on track 10, “Pray”, and then hear an incredibly catchy hook on “Love In LA (Bonus Track)”. On track 16, “Neva Had A Problem”, there is a heavy funk influence in place where the likes of George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic come to mind right away. It’s time to get delirious on the mic with loops of wacky laughter where you’ll even hear the voice of a young LL Cool J repeating the words “So Funny”. The album ends with another bonus cut titled “FA LA LA (Xmas Season)” and just in time for Christmas! Get your holiday hustle & bustle on and enjoy the Hip Christmas and Jingle Bells Hop!

Dwayne “Muffla” Simon and his tenacious squad are just in time for a Hip-Hop Revival party with the release of ‘Suspicious Packages 2’. With dope rhymes, razor sharp beats and a funky, West Coast flow, this 18-track album is sure to wake up the Rap World and put the whole, wack scene on notice. What’s neatly nestled inside ‘Suspicious Packages 2’are well-organized notes that are real and no BS. The delivery is confirmed and what you get are hungry singers, MCs and DJs bringin’ their A-games for the whole world to embrace.

By Jimmy Rae (