Introducing Iranian Pop Goddess Layla Kardan

Saved is an intimate and raw album about singer and songwriter, LAYLA KARDAN’s plight to go up against social conventions as a Middle Eastern woman. The songs in her latest album express the vulnerability of being a woman and celebrate the power found within through introspection and breaking free from the expectations of her community.

Layla Kardan was born in Belgium but is now an Australian national living and working in the United Arab Emirates. With Iranian roots, it’s easy to see how flavours from across the world have come together to influence the sound and style of her songs. Her desire to write songs and perform is at odds with Middle Eastern convention but has proved so utterly overwhelming that she has broken free from these cultural shackles, yet still remains determined to reflect her cultural upbringing in her music. Influenced in particular by classic and contemporary artists, from Nina Simone to Sade to Erykah Badu, Layla has already received rave reviews from the likes of Harper’s Bazaar, Pop Sugar and Savoir Flair.