Dave Vargo New EP “Battle Burns”

Dave Vargo sings straight from the heart on the soulful “Battle Burns EP”. Neatly drawing together folk, country, and indie rock into a singular whole the collection feels imbued with a sense of life. Quite graciously the two pieces unfold revealing a true knack for storytelling. Over the course of the two tracks a thoughtfulness emerges one that explores a life lived to the fullest with all the ups and downs it entails. The arrangements further lend themselves to a tasteful disposition for Dave Vargo’s elegant guitar work with its western twang gives it a slight edge.



With “This Time Around” a ragged rhythm takes shape. The acoustic and the electric guitars nicely play off each other. Drums offer a steady beat helping to anchor the entire piece while at times referencing an almost emotive sort of quality. Upon letting it all melt away for a mere moment the track gains a unique poignancy with simply Dave Vargo’s naked voice and his lonely guitar. Perfectly concluding the collection on a high note is the title track “Battle Burns”. Delivered with such intensity and gusto, the clear-eyed focus adds to its poignancy. Over the course of the song Dave Vargo’s voice gains a peculiar sort of affect as he draws from an entire lifetime of experience.

“Battle Burns EP” shows off Dave Vargo’s uncanny ability to craft a message that lingers in the mind long after the song has ended.