New Video By Thomas Passon “Los”

Hailing from Germany, semantic rock artist Thomas Passon breaks down language barriers in his pursuit to carry his message through the compelling music he creates. Although some might not understand his native language, the stellar techno-style rhythms and crisp production do the talking. Implementing an intense attention to detail in his music making and living by the credo “The best thing you can be in life…is yourself”, a Thomas Passon song is instantly memorable, with soaring guitars and a sonic assault that’s ingrained in your head almost instantly. He represents his country well as the listener reads in between the lines to create their own profoundly intriguing world.

Thomas Passon has spent his entire life studying his craft and perfecting it for his stunning debut release Illusion. Starting in high school, he played the guitar for a band that toured around Turkey, South America, and France, sharing his love of the German language and making it less intimidating to the foreigner. Growing out of his role as a backup, he found purpose as a solo act. Over the last ten years, he has found his artistic path and wants to take listeners along on his self-discovery journey. Accompanied by his touring band, Marc Heidermann and Elmar Schmidt, they are proud to present the final product: Illusion. To be released next month, it’s a black and white depiction that begs to be colored in by the listener.