Cwiredband New Release ‘Angel Circuit Engaged’

Cwiredband goes for an epic, sprawling classic rock style with the rush of “Angel Circuit Engaged”. Done with the greatest of care, Cwiredband at times taps into the timeless sound of the Doors and the Eagles. Everything about Cwiredband’s approach feels fully realized, from the infectious riffs to rolling rhythms, it all works. By far the very heart and soul comes from C Wired’s intensely felt vocals. Letting it all loose results in a fantastic journey one that incorporates such a vivid array of color resulting in a virtual whirlwind of activity. C Wired proves to not only be a deft singer, but also a great lyricist. With a wonderful world created, the rest of the band flows his lead resulting in something that feels uniquely their own.

Introducing the collection and setting the tone is the blues inflected “Angel Circuit Engaged” where guitar riffs merge to become one with the organ, resulting in a blurred rush. Nicely falling into a laid-back summery groove, the gorgeous “Botticelli Baby” has a great sense of fun behind it. By far the highlight and sung with such passion is the incredible “Climb The Mountain”. Absolutely wild everything about it stuns from the gorgeous breakdowns to the dollops of distortion that always seem to come in at just the right time. Going for a bit of funk and noise “Persian Woman” possesses an undue amount of swagger. Effortlessly bringing it all to a close the celebratory “Little Sisters” feels akin to a long-lost pop classic.

With “Angel Circuit Engaged” Cwiredband opts for a playful joyous take on rock n’ roll’s very soul.

By Beachsloth