New Video By Broke Royals “Christmas Cookie Blues”

2018 is the year for Broke Royals and what better way to celebrate their accomplishments then going all out on the holiest day of the year? Following “Bad Chemicals”, they have another single release up their stocking. Philip Basnight and Colin Cross use their soaring pop-rock songwriting, deft production skills, and emotion-filled lyrics to give us the holiday anthem we all need. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear and they give us the gift of “Christmas Cookie Blues.”

“Christmas Cookie Blues” is not your average Christmas song, full of holiday cheer. While the holiday season is full of emotion, it’s not always the emotions you want. Such is the story that unfolds in Christmas Cookie Blues, a whimsical tale of lost love, told from the perspective of a forlorn young man trying to keep it together just long enough to get through a Christmas Cookie Exchange.

Directed by Tyler Scheerschmidt, the “Christmas Cookie Blues” has festive spirit in store. Traditionally blending pop and rock, they take a more classic approach on this track with a classic sleigh-bell accent. Introducing us to the scene with a plate of cookies, our hearts grow tender with childhood memories. Dressed in their best suits, the drums and guitar brighten up the scenery as much as the star on top of the tree. As they prepare the dough, the song is dedicated to a former lover as he remembers the great times they shared together during this joyful time of the year. Bittersweet and complete with cheeky and playful poses, their cookie sheet is demolished by the end as they ring in the new year.