New Video By Arbina “Bad 4 U”

Bad 4 U is a song thats already had some global attention. Abrina teamed up with Dj City’s own Refresh, who also happens to be from Abrina’s hometown San Diego, and the two delivered a club/latin/tropical smash!

“Bad 4 U music video is basically a recap video compiled with all my footage I gathered out in Europe while on my tour. What I love about the video is its just natural and real. For music videos most of the time us artist are all styled up with makeup and looking video ready with big scenes but this video is just actual snaps and footage of me on a normal day. My song Bad 4 U is about admitting to your lover that he might get hurt because you tend to be bad. If you can’t be good at being good then just enjoy being bad. The video was mainly shot in Spain, and I linked up with director Antaha from Cicuta films and she helped me capture some extra scenes that we shot in Madrid. She is one of the most dopest, creative, young vibrant woman I have ever worked with. Next time I’m in Spain I am definitely working with her again!!” – Abrina