Smoking Etiquette 101

Every social situation has its unspoken rules, and smoking is no exception. Whether you’ve been smoking for years or you’re picking up a pipe for the first time, it’s important to know the etiquette of smoking marijuana with your friends.

Always bring some to share

No matter how you’re smoking, whether you brought a bong, a pipe, a Wulf vape, or a dab, always bring some of your stash to share. It goes without saying that if the smoke session was your idea, you provide the majority of it, but if you’re going somewhere else, you should bring a bit. Plus, trying a bit of everyone’s is a good way to check out different strains and flavors.

Get rid of seeds and stems

Make sure to remove your stems and your seeds before smoking, as they taste bad when burnt and can cause your pipe or bowl to spark.

Stay humble about your rolling skills

Always keep rolling seniority in mind, and don’t bother rolling the joints if you know someone else is better than you. Go ahead and practice on your own though, because one day your skills may be unmatched.

The person who rolls, lights

It only makes sense that the person who spent the most time making the prettiest joint would light it and take the first hit. It’s a simple common courtesy that is primarily unspoken, so don’t get too eager.

Don’t take too long

Smoking is a joint activity, so don’t hog it. Take a few simple puffs and then pass it on, and don’t drag it out unless you’ve asked.

Pass to the left

People have been smoking marijuana for years, and it is an activity rooted deep in tradition. You may even be partaking in an ancient tradition without even knowing it: passing to the left. This is thought to come from Rastafarians, who would pass to the left in times of peace and pass to the right in times of war.

Take a look

Look at the joint when you are passing, if it is coming apart, make sure to fix it. If there is excess ash accumulation, be sure to tap it into an ashtray before you pass. Being courteous to those who will get the joint after you will strengthen the camaraderie of the session.

Respect boundaries

Some people just don’t like to smoke, but like to be around people who do. If you offer your piece to someone who says no, don’t ask again and don’t ask why they declined. Respecting boundaries is the easiest way to keep a laid back vibe going in your group.

Don’t use the piece as a personal microphone

It can be all too easy to use the pipe as your personal talking stick, but refrain from doing so. First of all, smoking in a group is meant to be a chill thing, and if you loudly make the conversation about yourself, you’ll ruin the mood. Smoking together is all about telling stories, just don’t make it all about yourself when it is your turn.

Don’t shotgun

Don’t blow smoke into someone else’s face unless you both agreed to shotgun before you took the hit.

Always clear out the chamber

No one likes to taste burnt smoke, so if you are smoking from a bowl or a bong, take the extra step to clear out the smoke. Just make sure to blow it through a carburetor, not the mouthpiece, so it doesn’t taste bitter for the next person.

Make sure to follow these rules and you’re set to have the best smoking session with your friends. Remember, puff, puff, pass!