Rev Peter Unger New Single ‘Peddlers of Fear’

Rev Peter Unger sings a tale that feels timely on “Peddlers of Fear”. Capturing the zeitgeist, Rev Peter Unger’s lyricism cuts to the absolute truth of the world. With this message Rev Peter Unger’s voice helps to soften the journey to a large degree, through his reassuring delivery style. The arrangement further adds to the gentleness of the piece couching the language in a tender and warm way. Everything revolves around the concept of balance, from the slide guitar to the soothing strum of the acoustic guitar. All of this points to a grand sort of journey, one where the lyrics have a loose poetic narrative to them.

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The mood is set quite quickly as the rest of the arrangement comes into view quite quickly. By tapping into a familial familiar setting, the pastoral quality seems to highlight what fear brings. On one hand with fear people are bound together, but only those specific groups. Working through fear rarely has a particularly long shelf life, as fear only lasts a while. His voice soars up into the sky, as he focuses on the troubled times that let such fear gain tremendous power. Individuals who prey upon the fearful exist only for a moment, yet they always seem to last far longer than they were originally expected to last.

With “Peddlers of Fear” Rev Peter Unger explores a bit of what has come to define our culture, the dark corners and how to show them the light.

By Beachsloth