Troy Petty Releases ‘I Am The Dark’

It’s that time of year again: Fall! Where the leaves start changing to various oranges, yellows, or where the temperatures start getting low enough where getting out of bed is more a habit than a dream—It’s still THAT time of year! Fall is the particular time where stores start getting us ready for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and Christmas ALL AT THE SAME TIME! And that is no exaggeration…You can walk in and see all of those special times all wrapped in one department and those are the happiest times for everyone, but what happens when all of that goes away? What happens when there are times where mellow is the real feeling? What about those times where people feel picked on and don’t get the ability to truly return those feelings or get out any negativity? It is kind of summed up in Troy Petty’s new single, ‘I Am The Dark.’

Who is Troy Petty? Troy Petty is a native of the Windy City, now living in Columbus, Ohio, who walks around with a lot to say. Maybe he might not outwardly speak to those around him. Guess what? His music has A LOT TO SAY and that is a great thing as everyone needs to feel like there is someone out there willing to address the subjects that often lay dormant in music. The greatest part about artists like Troy Petty is this: The day they arrive on the scene is the day that real messages are felt. ‘I Am The Dark’ is the theme song for the survivor…It is a song that sums up the correct way to handle confused attitudes and judgmental spirits. The courage to speak one’s mind is often refreshing yet hard to do because a lot of people don’t respect art as ART; especially in the music industry.

At first listen, you can hear the elements of the 1980s screaming through with that huge Metallica sounding guitar—But it gets even better when European Symphony timpani’s give off this eclectic amount of energy that is completely absorbed after first listening. Somewhere in Troy Petty’s life, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton were listened to. However, along the way, they were transformed into Joe Perry himself as the sound is completely amazing BUT the message itself sends an even more provoking chill straight through every bone just like a cold December day. Heartbreaking as it seems, this is a message that needs to be spoken upon.

So, getting to the chase: Here’s this huge sound that’s packed away in a giant trunk full of vibrant drums… Then these amazing guitar undertones fulfill the destiny of a powerful message: “Be careful who you judge…” We know those judgmental kitties: Walking with puffed out chests discussing everything that is wrong with the next person EXCEPT themselves and guess what, Troy Petty let’s it be known that he is around to make those kittens purr for forgiveness in the very challenging new single ‘I Am The Dark.’ Troy Petty has very heartfelt tone in his voice and every note is sung with dignity, clarity, and direction. He is definitely showing his attitude, adaptability, and emotional status as he warns of the karma waiting on dragging others down.

Honestly, this song is a compelling one but an even greater analysis already exists that has Troy Petty on tour later on in the USA and Europe. Connecting with listeners and fans is so important nowadays and Troy Petty has done well with it! Support him on this journey! This song comes highly recommended as everyone has past enemies that have showcased judgment upon us, and wanted to be in the right position to remind them of it! Do listen to Troy Petty and give ‘I Am The Dark’ a listen! You won’t be sorry!

Rating 10 / 10