How to Be a Responsible, Competent Concert Attendee

Concerts of all types are fun, exciting events where people gather to enjoy good music and camaraderie. However, the performers rely on their audience in order to provide a good show that everyone at the venue can enjoy. Here are some tips that can help you practice good concert etiquette and make the most of your live experience.

Hold Your Applause

Concerts can be wild events full of background noise and excitement. However, whether you are attending a classical or rock concert, it might be a good idea to hold your applause. This tip is especially true if you are going to a classical music event. Artists may speak just before or just after a piece, and it is good manners to wait for the last notes to fade away before you applaud. This rule may be more relaxed at non-classical events.

Don’t Distract the Performers

The performers are there to give you a great night and a memorable experience. They need to focus on their craft and be free from distractions that invite mistakes. While flash photography might be permitted at certain venues, it is one of the things that could throw performers off and make them miss their cues. A classical concert will probably set up rules for the audience that prohibit this kind of behavior and place limits on excessive noise.

Drive Responsibly

Many venues offer refreshments for concert-goers. You may wish to enjoy a few alcoholic beverages while you listen to music. If you do this, be aware of your upper limits and don’t drink too much. Remember that even if you’ve only had one or two drinks, it is best to go with caution and avoid driving under the influence. Even a little alcohol can impair your functions, incur a DUI on your way home from a fun evening, and put you and others at risk. After all, you don’t want to have to call a meeting with a DUI lawyer, which detracts from rocking.

Dispose of Waste Materials

If you’ve done any eating or drinking at the concert, keep track of bottles, cans, wrappers, or boxes that stored your food and drink. Most venues will set out clearly designated containers that you can use to throw away empty items. Taking care of your own mess shows respect to the concert staff.

Concerts are a great opportunity to enjoy live performances and let down your hair. However, a lack of consideration from just a few audience members can degrade the whole experience for everyone. You can use these tips to be a fun and considerate attendee at your next event.