Trio Of Awesuhm New Single ‘Nevertheless’

Have you ever been to New York or New York City? A sky covered with the world’s Most eclectic skyscrapers, or even a place once attacked in one of the most remembered days in the entire world’s eyes—September 11…No, although no one will ever forget that day, it is nice to have pleasant movement coming from an iconic place… That movement is none other than the Folk Band, Trio Of Awesuhm and there is something special with their new single, ‘Nevertheless.’

Trio Of Awesuhm consists of Lead Singer-Songwriter Monica Uhm, Bassist Ken Dircks, Guitarist Greg Schettino, Keyboardist Sammy Wags, and Drummer James Kirkpatrick. With a unique blend of guitar and a pristine voice that takes a person on a journey, there is something magical in Trio Of Awesuhm. As intriguing as their name, anyone that can tell a story, CAN SAVE AN ENTIRE NATION! At first listen, Trio Of Awesuhm have an Americana/Folk sheen that can be heard in the likes of Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Lisa Loeb, and Sarah McLachlan—-Which IS AWESOME! Channeling a very vintage sound with a modern Folk approach, ‘Nevertheless’ is that song that really places that true smile on the faces of those listening! While there is something magical happening in ‘Nevertheless,’ Nevertheless just IS…A breath of fresh air and a memory waiting to happen, Trio Of Awesuhm got it right with this one!

At first listen, ‘Nevertheless,’ is that song that brings us on a journey…We’ve all been on a journey before but the one that is being distributed to us all through song is the one that everyone that has ever made it in life, has been on…Monica Ulm, the lead singer-songwriter of Trio Of Awesuhm, has an amazing, dreamy twinkle of stardom with her warm and passionate vocals…She causes the listener to be mesmerized just because her voice seems to call for those around to take her hand and follow. And the journey begins…Direct lyrics from the everlasting ‘Nevertheless’ is almost All-American in disposition and poise: “He was nine when he went walking…Just as sure as he could be…Books and dreams they made it obvious stars are in his destiny…They said you should not be here…People like you aren’t meant for this…Nevertheless, Nevertheless, he persists…” WOW! The backing musicians all seem very professional in their adaptation of their instruments and the best part is that they seem to build from the moment the first notes are played. All in all, this was a treat to hear!

Time after time, journeys are made whether they are chosen by us or chosen for us…Trio Of Awesuhm is definitely on a journey to making lasting music that will stand 40 years from now…’Nevertheless’ is that song that everyone should have a listen to and just see what memories can be made from it! This band comes highly recommended and with a resume that seems to be stacking on top of itself, it would be a rewarding experience to catch them live and in action! However you catch up with them, Nevertheless, you will be left in awe!

Rating 10 / 10

K. Tibbs