Rev Peter Unger New Single ‘Two Seekers’

Rev Peter Unger taps into a unique exploration of faith’s soothing, comforting presence with the crystal clarity of “Two Seekers”. The production values feel absolutely flawless while everything comes together in a way that has a tender spirit to it. While the work at first has a deceptively simple quality, there is great ornate detail underneath the surface. By far the highlight comes from Rev Peter Unger’s soulful resonant voice. His words possess such power as everything has a mystical quality to it. Pace has a contemplative aura to it while Rev Peter Unger ensures that the thoughtfulness of the work prevails in such a gorgeous, glorious fashion. Small details, from the use of the bass to underpin his message, further adds to the lovely lush atmosphere that takes hold.

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Tender guitar tones introduce the work in such a delicate, fragile way. Upon Rev Peter Unger’s voice entering the fray things truly begin. His lyricism has a cleverness to them, nicely drawing from religion while possessing his own unique take on storytelling. Akin to a grand journey, the song travels along at its own unique pace. Little elements have such taste behind them while the buildup of the piece adds to its overall comforting allure. By the very end of it all the many layer coincides to become a singular sound.

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With “Two Seekers” Rev Peter Unger creates a world that has a joyous, spirited fervor to it, one that helps drive the whole piece forward in such a clever, meditative fashion.

By BeachSloth