How Tour Bus Drivers Can Learn to Transport Their Cargo

Going on tour with a musical act can be one of the most exhilarating experiences on the planet. It’s also one that calls for a lot of knowledge that involves logistics and more. If you want to be a smart tour bus driver who knows how to manage cargo well, there are a handful of things you can consider first.

Get Certification
Certification is essential for people who want to secure positions as drivers of semi-trucks. If you drive a tour bus, an educational background can help. Auto heavy rigid vehicle training can give you insight that involves handling so many aspects of being behind the wheel. Being in an educational setting may teach you about handling danger. It may even teach you about cargo transportation. Semi-truck drivers have to get cargo from point A to point B with significant frequency.

Talk to Other Tour Bus Drivers
Word of mouth can be invaluable for tour bus drivers who want to transport cargo safely and efficiently. Try to network with other drivers who have accommodated tours for bands. Ask them for suggestions that involve efficient and effective cargo transportation styles. Figure out if you can apply those tips to your job.

Depend on the Internet
The Internet is home to a world of resources for people who tour with bands. It doesn’t matter if you’re a tour bus driver, a musician, a roadie, a tour manager, or anyone else. There are online resources that can point you into the appropriate direction. Read about how fellow tour bus drivers have handled baggage, musical equipment, and standard necessities. Find out about tried and tested transportation methods that work for all kinds of performers and crews.

Watch Other Bands in Action
If you’re on tour, there’s a good chance that there are other bands sharing the stage with your act. Watch them in action as they load their gear. Watch them when they pack their equipment items up after their sets, too. You may just pick up on some cargo transportation methods that wouldn’t have occurred to you otherwise. Take notes so you can test them out in the near future. You may even be able to try them the following night post-show.

Touring with a band can be amazing. It can be especially enjoyable for tour bus drivers who plan well. If you want to be a cargo transportation master, you have to keep your eyes open at all times.