Lexi Todd shares jazz pop single “Complacent” for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

In support of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month this October, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Lexi Todd will be rolling out tracks from her forthcoming EP Maria, Immured, which chronicles a close friend’s abusive relationship from Lexi’s perspective. The EP tells the true-to-life story of Maria’s harrowing journey as she goes from rationalizing her abuser’s actions to ultimately gaining the courage to leave him. Lexi’s goal is to artistically and thoughtfully spread awareness of the different aspects of abuse—whether physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual—while also inspiring survivors to find their own voice. The first track from the 3-song set, “Complacent,” was released yesterday and featured by the feminist music and culture blog, Audiofemme.

“Complacent” finds Maria in a relationship defined by serial cheating, lying, blame, and manipulation, yet she continually convinces herself to accept and be satisfied with the situation. Lexi offered to Audiofemme, “I thought it was important to write ‘Complacent’ from my point of view for a few reasons. Mostly, because that’s how I experienced it, so by writing it from my perspective it kept it honest. I wanted to lend a voice to survivors of domestic abuse who may find it difficult to find their own voice, and to encourage all people – not just those directly impacted by [domestic violence] – to speak out in solidarity.” “Complacent” will be followed by the second track in the series, “Open Wounds,” later this month, which highlights the harmful effects of constant emotional abuse.

(Photo credit: Lucy Van Ellis)