Mikey See Drops New Single “Love My Body”

From one corner of the globe to the next, the indie music media can’t seem to stop talking about Mikey See, the New York-born, Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter who lit up the American underground earlier this spring with his self-titled EP. Unlike most instances in life, where I would be the first to tell you to dismiss the hype, Mikey See’s music is a very unique exception to the rule. When it comes to songs like his latest single “Love My Body,” it’s actually okay to go ahead and buy into the media buzz and seewhat everyone has been chatting about lately. His music is one of a kind while his style borders on the revolutionary; to try and avoid his ever expanding reach is starting to seem rather pointless.

“Love My Body,” at its very core, is a song about self-confidence and accepting the person that you are for who you really are, even when society tries to convince you that you’re an outsider who doesn’t belong. The subject matter and lyrics of the song are relatable to anyone who has ever grown up wondering what their place in the world is and subsequently spent a good amount of time figuring it out for themselves, but at the same time it isn’t a rallying cry to break the box for the sake of anarchy. Mikey Seebelieves in individuality in the most organic sense possible, and who we are as individuals has nothing to do with some populist trend in music or any other form of media.

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See’s work in general is so much more complex and cerebral than anything else you’re going to find in pop music right now, and while you could make the argument that it isn’t difficult to stand out in a crowd that doesn’t have many skilled competitors to boast, I’d still have to say that See would elevate himself in any era of music because of his iconic style of songwriting. Every generation has someone who they look to as a speaker for what the collective social narrative should be, and Mikey See has everything that it takes to be that speaker. He’s humble, he’s honest, but most importantly, he’s got a talent for making music that you just can’t teach in school.

While he’s certainly got some room for a little more growth behind the soundboard and possibly a bit more polish on his finished product, there’s no debating whether or not Mikey See has an exciting future ahead of him. If he chooses, he could transition himself between pop, R&B and even rock music depending on the type of direction he wants to take his sound, and his ability to adapt and produce material to the tune of whatever lies in his heart will lead him to fortunes beyond his wildest dreams if he stays dedicated to the work. “Love My Body” does a lot to cement his status as one of the artists to watch entering the 2020s, and perhaps his next single will be the song that segues him into the hierarchy of pop royalty.

Gwen Waggoner