5 Top DJ speaker brands to look out for in 2019

For any event, having the right equipment will contribute to the success of the event. This is especially true for audio equipment. A good DJ knows that having the right speakers will contribute a lot to the success of the event. They also know that the audience enjoys quality music from a high-quality sound system. You can choose one or more from the range provided online. When choosing an audio system, the features, price, and ratings can help you identify the best and what will work for your needs.

Here are 5 Top DJ speaker brands to look out for in 2019:

  1. Electro-Voice

EV, as it is commonly known, is a recognized audio equipment brand in places of worship, cinemas clubs, and theatres. It has one of the best-powered DJ speakers on the market today. The speakers come with a digital DSP and class D amplifier to give you the best audio quality. Reviews show that when you buy these types of  DJ speakers, you get value for your money. Due to their high-quality sound production, reliability, and modern features, these speakers are relatively expensive.

  1. Alto

You may get Alto DJ speakers online. They come in different sizes so you get a chance to choose the most appropriate one for you. Alto company know there is stiff competition in the market. That is why they have tried to improve the quality of their audio system equipment. A distinguishing feature for Alto DJ speakers is a compartment for accessories or cables which ensures neat connection and display all the time. Alto audio systems have playback feature. Compared to other major high-quality brands, Alto DJ speakers are relatively affordable. Alto company also creates awareness of their products online making it easy for customers to get all the information they need regarding the audio equipment.

  1. Peavey

Most DJs prefer portable, high quality and stable speakers all in one package. Some of the best and high-quality speakers are very heavy, making it extremely difficult to move them in case of change of venue or other reasons. Peavey sound systems do not only provide high audio quality but they are also affordable and with the latest speaker features. They are more durable since they are made of polypropylene shells and coated with highly resistant steel. Busy DJs who preside over various functions prefer Peavey speakers because of these features. In 2019, the demand for Peavey DJ speakers is expected to rise especially in online markets.

  1. Yamaha

Yamaha is one of the oldest audio equipment companies. Their products are of high quality. They have the best DJ speakers so far and in the next one year, they are likely to offer new and better audio equipment. Yamaha DJ speakers are affordable. Most DJs amplify the sound with a high-quality subwoofer for a better sound clarity.

  1. QSC

QSC company is based in California and has been producing sound and video systems for a long time now. QSC audio equipment has a sturdy build and sleek look. They have low power consumption and they are portable, making them a favorite to DJs. A QSC subwoofer is highly recommended for better and crisp sound quality. Overall, when you get this type of speaker, you are assured of getting value for your money.

There are many DJ speakers available on the market. It is tricky to find the right one. You should check reviews online at reputable online stores such as Walmart, eBay, and Amazon. You will easily identify a top DJ speaker brand this way.