Wangled Teb Releases ‘Earth (EP)’

Wangled Teb sculpts a serene, spellbinding world with the dreamy hues of “Earth (EP)”. Full of vigor and life, Wangled Teb merges ambience, experimentation, and IDM into a soothing whole. The tenderness of the tracks reveals a great ear for melody. Pieces play off each other resulting in an oftentimes psychedelic air to the work. A journey unfurls over the course of the EP, one that shows off Wangled Teb’s uncanny ability to balance so many different genres in such unexpected ways.

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On “Whispering Willows feat. Emily Kennedy” Wangled Teb merges jungle and rock together into something that possesses such spirit, opening the collection on a high note. A jazz-funk hybrid comes into focus on the playful “Tea for Two feat. Alexandra Peters”. Layer upon layer of sound work in unison delivering something that feels so vital and real. Easily the highlight “Stalactites/\Stalagmites\/fat. Chris Giles” truly stuns. Quite spacious, the whole of the work displays impressive percussion alongside joyous melodies, recalling early IDM pioneers like Mu-ziq’s impressive output. Delicate arrangements define the swirling world of “Mountain Cabin feat. Ry Hanson”. The surreal quality of “Floating Gardens feat. Kelly Waterhouse” taps into a keen sense of defiance, while jazz samples merge with acid techno hits to create something multifaceted. Neatly bringing the whole of the collection to a close is the stripped-down minimalism of “Home feat. Glenn Bernard”.

On “Earth (EP)” Wangled Teb creates a soothing, serene world, one that goes for a gentle touch, featuring melodies that linger in the mind long after they have ended.

By BeachSloth