Garth Adam New Single ‘Seawall’

Neville Staple launches UK tour while denouncing violence causing grandson’s death

It’s with overwhelming sadness that Neville Staple has announced the death of his grandson Fidel, who was brutally stabbed to death this past weekend. Neville is well known as a founding member of The Specials and Fun Boy Three, not to mention his major role in 2Tone Records. Together with his wife Christine Sugary Staple, the Staples are a permanent fixture of the UK and International ska scene, performing regularly at both concert venues and massive festivals as the Neville Staple Band

Neville’s 21-year-old grandson Fidel Glasgow, son of his daughter Melanie, was rushed to hospital in a life-threatening condition after being stabbed in the stomach at the rear of Club M in Coventry. He later died in hospital. Not long after, another 23-year-old man was also found on Queen Victoria Road with stab injuries. Investigators are appealing that anybody witnessing what happened please come forward and contact Coventry police.

CXLOE Releases Video for ‘Show You’

LA-based Sydney-born artist CXLOE has just released the video for her breakthrough dark-pop track Show You.

This video is a stunning development in the burgeoning career of the global artist that CXLOE is destined to become. The darkness of the song Show You is accentuated by the video’s barren industrial setting. Draped in changing outfits of black lace, red mesh and vinyl, intensely staring down the barrel of the camera, CXLOE’s tiny frame weaves between concrete pillars under flickering blue and red lights that cut to gaping black.

Ecstatic Union Premiere, “Neurons” EP via Atwood Mag

Ecstatic Union’s sound is like a liquid sun-soaked harmony layered psychedelic dance party. Started in 2012 as a kind of solo-spiritual-folk-rock recording project by Rex Costello, after assembling a few core members (including Oliver Hart & recording partner Paul Olsen) the band took on various forms over the years and primarily played as an acoustic folk act. In 2015, while living in his home town on Catalina Island, Costello recorded what would become Ecstatic Union’s second full length album (released 2017 on Lolipop Records). Over the next year he assembled the band into a complete electrifying 5-piece psychedelic-rock outfit in support of the release. The core members include Rex Costello and Oliver Hart who bring on collaborators and touring arrangements as needed. The current outfit of the band now resides in Los Angeles, CA where they recently recorded a new album, “Neurons”, with the production and engineering help of Tomas Dolas (Mr. Elevator). The album is set to release on EU’s very own, ‘Channel Records’, on August 31st, 2018.

SUN SILVA release debut single ‘Blue Light’

London indie-pop quartet SUN SILVA have released their debut single ‘Blue Light’. The track comes ahead of their headline show at The Lexington, London tomorrow (Sept 4th).

‘Blue Light’ features on the FIFA 19 soundtrack and is already receiving support from DIY Magazine and BBC Introducing. The song delivers widescreen horn-led pop and its effortlessly dreamy vocals take aim at the social media use of today.

Portland’s The Mutineers present ‘Couldn’t Get Over You’ as lead track off ‘Threshold EP’

This single has premiered in NYC’s Big Takeover Magazine, who say The Mutineers have “a winning formula” with “one foot firm in Americana camp and one in old time rock n’ roll. A familiar warm feeling comes as with many Elvis Presley songs and some of the more mellow output by The White Stripes, though this track could easily fit in the final club scene that ended David Lynch’s recent season of ‘Twin Peaks’. Excellent, harmonious, sincere and catchy”.

Eliza Shaddad shares video for new single ‘This Is My Cue’ + tour dates

Recorded in the same studio in remote Devon where she worked on her Run & Waters EPs with Mercury-nominated longtime collaborator Chris Bond, ‘This Is My Cue’ is a deeply candid and perversely rousing break-up song. Building from a stark and spacious opening to choruses drenched in brooding Warpaint-like atmospherics ‘This is My Cue’ examines that period of ambivalence and uncertainty in our relationships when passion cools to cold indifference. Described by Eliza as “Literally what’s going around inside my brain in most relationships… This song is about freedom and anguish and trying to find the strength of mind to end things.” Following ‘My Body’, it’s a firm indicator that Future will reflect not just where Eliza is at as an artist, but where she’s been as a person too.

Lyla Foy Shares Another Taster of Album; Listen to ‘Try My Heart’

London singer-songwriter Lyla Foy has today shared a new taster of her forthcoming second album Bigger Brighter, with the unexpectedly sanguine Try My Heart. Another example of Lyla laying her feelings bare, the single provides a further glimpse into the emotional journey she experienced throughout the process of writing the album. Following a premiere on Wonderland, you can listen and watch another one of her brilliant accompanying animated videos here. Lyla explains more about the song below:

Chloe Foy – Over 3 million Spotify streams

Chloe Foy who is making huge noise with her new single ‘Asylum’ has just surpassed 3million spotify streams, Incredible!

This week, Eric Bachmann’s No Recover is premiering in full on Bitter Southerner

There was something sinister about Crooked Fingers, both the name of the project and the music that Eric Bachmann wrote at the helm of its ever-shifting lineups over 15 years. He retired the moniker a couple of years ago, but with his third album under his own name, the transformation feels gorgeous and final and irreversible: No Recover. While not officially out until Friday, Bitter Southerner is allowing you to test-drive Bachmann’s forthcoming record starting today, saying “Too damned many musicians have hard times growing up at all. Which is why we have to treasure the ones who mature and bring their music with them.”

Corey James and David Pietras Team Up for Euphoric, Vocal Progressive Track “To Live” on Protocol

Corey James and David Pietras have teamed up to create the perfect end-of-summer anthem with their new track “To Live” on Protocol Recordings. With its lush melodies and moving vocals, James and Pietras create a sumptuous soundscape that’s infectiously emotional and uplifting at once. The addition of soulful vocals from Bryant Powell, a dynamic singer and songwriter who also did “I Second” with Blasterjaxx, serves as the perfect complement to the track’s euphoric nature. “To Live” embodies the nostalgia and youthful hope of the golden season, but its timeless quality ensures that this track will be on heavy rotation well through the colder months. James and Pietras previously produced “Arlanda” together on Size Records, and James is fresh from his last release “Orinoco” with Thomas Gold. We hope this is the beginning of many goosebump-inducing collaborations as part of the Protocol family!

You’ll Never Believe That Türküm Wrote His Powerful New Track “Feel My Love” in a Starbucks

Türküm explores the dark side of passion in his newest release “Feel My Love,” a powerful blend of warped vocals and cinematic production skills that exudes emotional catharsis. Haunting piano chords and disembodied vocals set the stage for the journey, then are joined by powerful percussion and cinematic synths that elevate the track to a larger-than-life level. At its peak, “Feel My Love” erupts into heavy, rolling basslines and metallic synths as Türküm unleashes his aggression, and it’s one that you’ll feel in your very bones. The dark and prodigious quality of “Feel My Love” stems from the situation under which it was written, which just happened to be at a Starbucks. “I wrote this song when I first arrived in Den Haag. The Idea started in Starbucks and I sat down for like 10 hours just working on it. This happened after I was told I couldn’t play at the club which I was supposed to in the Netherlands. I was very sad when I heard the news and felt betrayed but as time passed I just motivated myself to look up and work,” he says. “Feel My Love” just has been released on Türküm’s label Divine Mercy.

VESSEL OF LIGHT, Featuring Founding Members of Hades, Non-Fiction and Ancient VVisdom, Release New Single

VESSEL OF LIGHT features Ancient VVisdom’s Nathan Opposition on drums and vocals and founding member of Hades and Non-Fiction, Dan Lorenzo, on guitars and bass. Lorenzo was also in The Cursed with Overkill’s Bobby Blitz.

SYML Shares New Song & Video; World Tour Starts 9/13       

SYML (Brian Fennell) has released his new song, “WDWGILY,” along with the video that premiered Friday on Earmilk, who said, “Despite using simplicity as a motto, ‘WDWGILY’ showcases Fennell’s ability to weave together a web of oblique layers and melodies that build with an exponential ferocity. Starting with a piano that embodies the feeling of an impending rainstorm, Fennell croons the track’s magnetic and atmospheric chorus.” Music Feeds Australia adds “…stunning….melancholic, downtempo electronica, ‘WDWGILY’ pairs minimalist synths, sparse keys and graceful, soul-filled vocals.” True to what fans have come to expect, the track is dark and emotive and a mantra to oneself in the throes of realizing the shortcomings of a relationship. When writing the song, SYML decided to push his musical boundaries and shy away from the traditional pop song structure, and instead lean into new sounds, effects and atypical song structures.

BRIDGE TO BREAKDOWN Releases Official Lyric Video for “Rain”

Comprised of three lifelong friends dating back to their high school days, Bridge to Breakdown is one of the most unique acts to surface out of the North Carolina scene. The group takes direct inspiration from legendary acts such as Audioslave, Rage Against the Machine and more.

Garth Adam New Single ‘Seawall’